Country sandwiched between the regional power:? Lebanon GNV

Focus: open in the Muslim world [Pandora's Box], the end ... 0 years, Sadohariri prime minister of Lebanon, during their stay in the foreign country of the ground in Saudi Arabia, announced the sudden resignation. Iran of and involvement in Lebanon, had been on the grounds that life itself has been targeted, because it was too sudden and unnatural expansion, a different theory from the foreign media has been solidified progressively. Originally Hariri prime minister was supposed scheduled to go to Muhammad Prince and desert camp in Saudi Arabia. However, according to one study, it is suddenly confiscated a mobile phone, further isolated and bodyguard, as a result of being pressed against the brute force in Saudi Arabia of the guards, finally, handed a resignation speech that had been previously written, Saudi Arabia It seems to have been forced to say in front of the TV camera. In addition, it is not possible even after the resignation announcement to return home, Lebanese prime minister was growing view that or not than had been abducted by Saudi Arabia.

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