Fiscal year Fall

Focus: open in the Muslim world [Pandora's Box], the end ... Currently, the Middle East, which is turn attention in the world. In recent years happened the war in Iraq and the subsequent terrorism, Islam terms are often used by the Self-Defense Forces dispatch transmitted come news from Japan. This Islam (Islam, Judaism Fifi) is Koran scriptures and faith their supreme god Allah, in religion century the beginning Muhammad was open, near the split of the world's total population today is huge religion that believers. Also Islam is divided into roughly One of sects, each Sunni (majority), is referred to as the Shia (decimal faction), it has also become a factor in this factions sometimes complicate the political situation in the Middle East. The maximum of the difference between these factions is a difference of opinion leaders of the Muslim community over who the is or should be. Shiites is that it should be a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, Sunni has that they should be chosen by the intellectual religious people or Islamic law scholars of the agreement.

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