Muslims to convert came out! ? Agora

Focus: open in the Muslim world [Pandora's Box], the end ... That Muslims phenomenon to convert to Christianity can be seen in the Middle East Arab countries. At the same time, it entered the Muslim refugees in Europe has increased the number to be converted to Christianity. In the latter case, those of Christians in the asylum is there is a case to convert from the circumstance that advantageous in refugee recognition, or not in disguise conversion, such as voice also be heard. Political scientist Thomas hobby Staudinger Mr. prominent Middle East expert at the Austrian daily newspaper clear and interview (month and day) began tended to convert or become atheist, to Christianity in the Islamic countries. Christian conversion of the Muslim's desperate. At the same time, it has stated that it is advantageous in that plus refugees cognition in the Muslim asylum seekers, but also more cases to convert from the reason that there is little risk of deportation]. He said, in the Middle East region, that the underground church to escape from the watchful eye of the authorities are born.

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