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Focus: open in the Muslim world [Pandora's Box], the end ... At the maximum denomination of Islam, accounting for about Muslims. Meaning that the [Code of Practice precedent] and Sunni (Sunnah). Sunnis in officially referred to as the 'people of the Sunnah and the community], as well as West Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, accounted for the majority in most of the Islamic countries of Southeast Asia, become orthodox virtually Islamic there. Sunni In addition to the teachings of the holy book the Koran (Quran), and the Code of Conduct based on the Prophet Muhammad's words and deeds recording (hadith) (Sunni), and the cornerstone of the Islamic community an agreement that has been formed by the (ummah) (ijma) faith to. The tradition of Islam founder period, but to focus on the practice of Islamic law (Sharia) in everyday life, there are also joined qiyas (analogy) of Islamic law scholars. Legal interpretation in this way has been codified, the Hanafi school, Malik faction, Shafii school, divided into the school of the Hanbali school, went transmitted to the various places.

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