For most of us, a social circle is nothing more than some people we hang out with, some people we relate to, some people we are close to and some people we met and liked. Is this one of your definitions of a social circle? If yes, then you don't really know what a BEING SOCIAL is all about.


When we chose the name The Social, and then the logo of people forming a social circle, almost a “gear” to move us in another direction; it was then that we understood our mission. The most basic idea of a social circle is to come together and do something creative, something productive and fun.


Change your social circle: the best entertainment, the best DJ's, impeccable service, stunning décor and lighting, skillfully designed acoustics and the most eclectic range of events. The standout team behind The Social is dedicated to offering an exceptional and genuine social and entertainment experience.



The Social boasts beautiful industrial character and functional interiors that can be uniquely customized by clients. Enjoy glamorous interiors while taking advantage of a functional DJ booth, wireless microphones, in-house keyboard, stage and full lighting system. Our state-of-the-art A/V system is available in-house and is operated by attentive technicians dedicated to executing your vision.


A lavish center floor four-tiered VIP club seating section is accompanied by a four-sectioned private VIP seating lounge with plush onyx crocodile seating.  Venture up one flight to a split level mezzanine overlooking the main stage; accompanied by an outdoor patio to enjoy a beautifully furnished, expansive outdoor roof with stunning open-air views of the city looking to Pikes Peak.